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Karma Life Worth Living


As long as Karma exists, the world changes.

Our world is a society living on Karma. People carries intention and resource such as time and wealth to aid others, and there are many of us need help. Still every day we look for God to come to help. We believe even being similar we are very different than each other so we always need a bridge to connect. Karmabees.com brings such reasons to the common person to look for helping others by choice and with full passion.

It’s a simple platform to bring good deeds to viewers and reward them with money and heroism. Human beings are driven by rationality and feelings. Rationality looks for benefits and feelings are felt. Karmabees.com benefits members with points (worth real money) and recognition system through social media.

Motivations drive our whole life, so let us bring encouragement to you to be a Karmabee.

How it works

In daily busy life we all help each other, but those helps are barely recognised, therefore we lack motivation. At Karmabees, we reward you with money and recognition before society for each help you do.

We want you to continue with those kindnesses and spread it others to be an inspiration for others as we believe in multiplication of the kindness.

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